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A global database of African women, trans & gender non-conforming speakers, moderators & chairs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide visibility for exceptional African women, trans or gender non-conforming, with expertise and knowledge on a variety of topics, industries and sectors; by listing both established, new and aspiring speakers. 

Africans = Africans based in Africa, Africans based in diaspora, or those who identify as African. 

The Continent of Rainbow Colours

The African Women

African women have been termed as the future of the African continent. 

It is the only region globally, with the highest number of female entrepreneurs.

Even though they boast a huge potential, they remain one of the least untapped resources in the continent.

The secret of the continent is its diversity richness!

Different Colours

Mother Africa connects all her children through her deep roots of togetherness, collective and community. 

Our largest asset is the rich diversity that the continent boasts. 

Regardless of different races, religious beliefs, colour of skin, tribe, language, educational background, demographics, age, or country, we, women, can and will drive the African Continent and the world forward by tapping into our own uniqueness.

You Can Find Us Here

There is NO shortage of women speakers from the African continent. The continent not only boasts the highest number of women entrepreneurs globally, but has highly educated, experienced and subject matters experts in various fields and industry.